We Want to Ensure Reliable Grid Uptime Without Damaging Our Planet

Making Power Grid Inspections Safe, Cost-efficient, and Sustainable.

Skyqraft is a team of passionate and high-performance individuals with a shared vision to combine their wits and advanced technologies to leap-frog into a safer, smarter, and sustainable future.

We are currently harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, aerospace technology, and advancements in image processing to make transmission and distribution grid inspections drastically more efficient, cost-effective, and safe. Our revolutionary approach obliterates the inherent risk to life and equipment that’s associated with previous century’s tech and processes like using humans and/or helicopters for performing grid inspections.

Smart Ideas and Clean Technology.

We use modern computer vision frameworks to analyze images taken from the air. The images are focused on equipment such as powerline poles, crossarms, insulators and other objects. Skyqraft detects these objects and mark them on each image. We also detect real world defects like fallen trees, leaning trees, damaged insulators and missing protective weather hats. These defects are presented to the end user in a modern web map user interface based on Google’s satellite images.  This gives the end user the feeling of a google street view system based on images from their own powerlines taken from drones or helicopters. We have a modern scalable software system for terabytes of images and large powerline grids.

In a single stroke, we have streamlined grid inspections, simplified them, and even made them sustainable.

Our Story.

Skyqraft is the brainchild of Sakina, David, and Umar – the ambitious trio who met each other at Antler, a startup incubator program in Stockholm, Sweden. Each member brought with them a peculiar set of skills, qualifications, and expertise, which coalesced to form Skyqraft, the AI-powered powerline inspection startup.

When Umar, the Aerospace Engineer, David, the Data Scientist, and Sakina, the Marketing Virtuoso joined forces to create what is perhaps the most revolutionary startup of its kind in Sweden, they had a singular shared vision – to catapult an entire industry, which is ready for the new tech wave, into the future. In the months that followed, their ideas, passion, and commitment drew the attention of some of the major investors in the country. What followed is early-stage funding, effectively making Skyqraft an object of pride for to reach their goals. 

Today, Skyqraft has grown into one of the most impactful startups in Sweden and across the globe.

Our Team.

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Sakina Turabali

Sales & Marketing Director (on parental leave)

Umar Chughtai

Flight Director

Uttejh Reddy

Data Scientist

Alberto Floris

Data Scientist

Andree Hultgren

Full Stack Developer

Kelly Yagelniski

Business Development Manager, North America

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