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Data Annotation Specialist

Data Annotation Specialist

Skyqraft is on a mission to revolutionize the infrastructure inspection market by making it safer, more efficient and most importantly, sustainable. We are the first company in Sweden to automate power line inspections using machine learning and computer vision.

We are looking for top talent to join our fast-growing team. An opportunity to play a key role in helping Skyqraft scale its efforts. 

About the Role

Kickstart your career at a fast-growing international AI startup! 

The Annotator role is a great gateway into a modern AI world. You will learn how to annotate images with state of the art tools and processes. The world market for annotation jobs is growing exponentially. If you already have some data science skills and are looking for a first job to get experience and learn, this is a perfect opportunity.

Skyqraft has thousands of photos coming into our system. Labeled data is the critical ingredient for training powerful machine learning algorithms, which help Skyqraft automate inspections of critical infrastructure. In this role you will work with a user interface to label images such as wooden poles, metal poles, insulators, transformers, cars, humans and various electrical grid equipment.

The Data Annotation Specialist helps categorize the content (by assessing the content and then attaching tags to the content). You will get relevant training for the job, and will also get reviews and feedback from an experienced team leader that can validate your work, and help you improve. 

For talented and dedicated individuals, there will be plenty of opportunities to grow at Skyqraft. Starting as a Data Annotation Specialist there is a natural career progression to the next role as a Defect Inspector, and then later on to the role as Data Scientist.

This is your chance to work with cutting-edge technology that will help transform a traditional industry globally.

This is a full-time position. Please send your CV to info@skyqraft.com with the subject: Data Annotation Specialist

We look forward to hearing from you!