We Want to Ensure Reliable Grid Uptime Without Damaging Our Planet

Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist (Computer Vision / Machine Learning Engineer) 

Skyqraft is on a mission to revolutionize the infrastructure inspection market by making it safer, more efficient and most importantly, sustainable. We are the first company in Sweden to automate power line inspections using machine learning and computer vision.

We are looking for top talent to join our fast-growing team. An opportunity to play a key role in helping Skyqraft scale its efforts. We need your skills, dedication and individual drive to grow our multicultural and interdisciplinary team. You will push us forward as we reimagine a traditional industry ripe for disruption. 

Why inspect power lines? 

The uninterrupted electric power that we enjoy at our homes and work is a result of relentless inspections of power lines for any damages or dangers. These powerline inspections were previously done manually by people in low-flying helicopters despite extreme risks involved and frequent accidents.

We are now reimagining and automating this space using drones powered by the best defect detection system that computer vision can offer. This is not just safer but exponentially more sustainable and efficient.  

Where are we today? 

Today, Skyqraft is a trusted partner of some of the most influential critical infrastructure organizations in Sweden, helping them inspect and maintain their grids in a safe, efficient and sustainable way. We are also expanding our operations to North America and beyond.

And this is just the beginning. Our vision is to become the world leader in automating inspections of critical infrastructure.

Why are we looking for you?

Your ambition and drive within the field of computer vision is critical to Skyqraft’s success. You want to spearhead and build the most efficient image processing software in this area. Your individual contribution will be state of the art and pushing the limits of this industry. 

You have the experience and the drive to produce accurate predictions using cutting edge machine learning skills and other pragmatic engineering skills. You have previously solved challenging problems and you want to keep improving your individual problem solving skills.

Skyqraft will be at the forefront of what computer vision can offer within the drone and energy space. We are looking for a person that has the drive and talent to offload the lead data scientist on critical individual assignments.


  1. Higher education level within computer vision or image processing 
  2. Programming skills with proficiency in Python
  3. Experience with ML frameworks such as TensorFlow/ PyTorch/ Yolo/ Keras

Why join us? 

  1. Impact: We will be saving lives, power, CO2 emissions and cost within the energy industry.
  2. Culture: We are a small, driven, competent team with high ambitions. You will have the opportunity to inspire the whole team in the field of computer vision and make a tangible contribution to our company and to the industry.
  3. Technology: Skyqraft provides a great chance to work with cutting-edge technology that will help transform a traditional industry globally.

 If you feel that you have what it takes to transform the world with computer vision technology, look no further. This is your chance to develop cutting-edge technology that will help transform a traditional industry globally.

This is a full-time position in Stockholm, Sweden. Passport eligibility / work authorization for Sweden / the EU needed. Please send your CV to info@skyqraft.com with the subject: Senior Data Scientist

We look forward to hearing from you!