We Want to Ensure Reliable Grid Uptime Without Damaging Our Planet

AI Powered Inspections.

Are you already flying and inspecting powerlines for a utility anywhere in the world? Partner with us if you are a drone operator and would like to make your image inspections more cost efficient. Our AI can automate the process and save hours of manual inspection work.

Advanced Post Processing Software.

Our AI analytics tool will make your inspections faster and less prone to human error. Keep your customers happy with fast and reliable results which will reduce the likelihood of high costs associated with grid failure.

Visualization System

Make your inspections more intuitive by our Map UI tool. All HD photos of your assets are uploaded to our map interface and photos of each pole are geo-tagged and highlighted through location markers.

Image Analysis

Our machine learning can detect power grid defects on normal color photos and thermal photos. We can process thousands of photos in a matter of minutes and output a report with all the highlighted defects.

Sensor Data Analysis

We provide color photo analytics, thermal photo analytics and 3D asset modeling through our software.

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