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We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

Our partnership with Skyqraft provides us with state of the art AI and insights that really add value to the UAV technology that Vattenfall Services Nordic AB are permanently scaling up. Skyqraft’s solutions help us to more rapidly collect data and analyze it in a structured manner which has created new workstreams and a competitive advantage.

Vattenfall Services Nordic AB

Martin Björmvall, Business Developer

Skyqraft has always been an innovative company. I started working with them when they had just an idea. I have been using Skyqraft’s service for 2 years and seen how quickly their AI capabilities have developed, both in terms of detecting powerline hardware and defects. Skyqraft’s solution will play an important part in automating powergrid inspections in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner.

EON Elnät

Per Sundqvist, Maintenance Engineer

Very good service and treatment from the beginning. I am sure that this modern and effective way of inspecting power lines is the future.

Härjeåns Elnät AB

Niklas Köhler, CEO