We Want to Ensure Reliable Grid Uptime Without Damaging Our Planet

AI Powered Solutions For You.

Harness the full potential of artificial intelligence through our expertise and experience to bring levels of automation, efficiency and savings that can revolutionize your operations. This untapped power, coupled with seamless functional integration, can lead you to new horizons that’ll truly take your vision into the future.


Our AI-powered solution provides the whole range of functionality to enable control and efficiency from start to finish. The complete streamlining of otherwise convoluted operations result in high savings on resources and greater output.

Inventory Management

Have a clear idea about the equipment on your distribution and transmission grids. All detected in seconds via AI.


Thermal inspections show problematic hot spots on the grid which are not visible to the naked eye or in color photography. Such inspections are critical in predictive maintenance since they highlight defects that can lead to grid failure.

Vegetation Management

Pinpoint any risky vegetation which threatens your grid. Very important for powerline corridor maintenance to prevent trees/branches coming in contact with live wires.

Convenient User Interface

Assess your powerline hardware through high quality images with our Map UI and get a google view feeling of your grid. Our inspection tool will automatically pinpoint any problems with the grid on a map and mark the problem on an HD image. Make the inspection process more efficient and convenient.

AI Analysis Tool

Do you already work with your own drone operators? Use our backend AI inspection software to integrate our AI capabilities to your asset management system.

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