We Want to Ensure Reliable Grid Uptime Without Damaging Our Planet

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

Our partnership with Skyqraft provides us with state of the art AI and insights that really add value to the UAV technology that Vattenfall Services Nordic AB are permanently scaling up. Skyqraft’s solutions help us to more rapidly collect data and analyze it in a structured manner which has created new workstreams and a competitive advantage.

Vattenfall Services Nordic AB

Martin Björmvall, Business Developer

Skyqraft has always been an innovative company. I started working with them when they had just an idea. I have been using Skyqraft’s service for 2 years and seen how quickly their AI capabilities have developed, both in terms of detecting powerline hardware and defects. Skyqraft’s solution will play an important part in automating powergrid inspections in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner.

EON Elnät

Per Sundqvist, Maintenance Engineer

Very good service and treatment from the beginning. I am sure that this modern and effective way of inspecting power lines is the future.

Härjeåns Elnät AB

Niklas Köhler, CEO

With its knowledge of drone technology and AI, Skyqraft has helped us take a major step into digitalisation and sustainability. By using their system we save the earth’s resources and safeguarded the safety of our personnel

Karlskoga Energi & Miljö AB

Jimmy Lundberg, Business Manager Electrical Grid

We Provide an Entire Solution and It All Works Like a Charm.



Capture the data with a combination of long-range drones and quadcopters for efficiency with our experienced and professional drone partners. Drones have a minimum ecological footprint and do not scare any wildlife. Capture your grid with high quality HDR and Thermal images.



Visualize and manage the grid location and the picture data through our user-friendly map interface. Categorize your grid defects or powerline equipment with different filters and see the defects in 5 severity levels for you to focus on the important ones first.



Analyze your data and get reliable predictions of defects in the grid through our Machine learning software. You don’t even have to sift through the massive amount of visual data we capture for you. A powerful AI will do all the work and give you actionable intelligence, including the fault details and the coordinates for the fault location. Fast and efficient.



The grid owner can fix their grid based on the findings by downloading and exporting a report with the list of defects. We also integrate the defect list to your asset management system to streamline your work, saving time and effort.

We Secure Your Future in More Ways Than One.

We Put an End to Dangerous Inspections

No more risking the lives of your personnel or your equipment. We’ll reach dangerous locations and perform thorough inspections of your infrastructure aerially from a safe place afar. Grid inspection accidents are so last century, don’t you think?

We Reach Hard-to-access Locations

Our highly portable, short and long-range drones are automated and can reach remote areas that cannot be accessed on foot or vehicles, saving a lot of the CO2 emissions and ultimately making it more sustainable and efficient.

We Give You Unprecedented Insights

Our AI makes highly accurate risk predictions, which can be verified with additional flybys of the drone. Also, our drones capture high quality RGB and thermal images of your infrastructure from angles that are impossible to achieve with helicopters.

We Make You More Profitable & Ecofriendly

In a single masterstroke, our revolutionary solution brings down your costs, gives you better control over the integrity of your grid infrastructure, and substantially reduces your impact on the environment. Make the leap into a new age of sustainable societies.

We Prepare You For The Future

Each risk prediction by our AI comes with an associated risk probability, which empowers you to prioritize your maintenance tasks accordingly. The view of your powerline corridor can be used to plan your future maintenance tasks without leaving your office.

We Protect The Wildlife

We make sure to use drones that are silent and do not scare any animals in the wild. Save the planet by reducing the CO2 emissions and the wildlife without compromising any great quality inspection of your grid.